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About Angel Hope Publishing

Faith, fun and a wholesome read; these are the goals of Angel Hope Publishing[AHP]. 

Not all AHP books are faith oriented but each one is God- honouring and adheres to the AHP mandate of offering hope, encouragement, joy, clean entertainment and a jolly good read.

Here you will find a list of books published by some pretty fabulous authors. Check out my personal Bookstoreif you are looking for books I have authored. The books listed here are those written by some of my lovely clients. 
Angel - L.A. Felix
ISBN: 9781988155166
Angel Hope Publishing.

Angel, a spunky filly realizes her life with best friend, Kyle the lab, and mentor Ted, the one-eyed donkey, is about to change. Soon Angel and her mother are forced to leave their home in search of their forever home. But the unimaginable dangers of being unclaimed lurk! Angel finds herself in a dreaded auction with her
Price: $10.99
Silly Sally Connie Murray
ISBN: 9781988155074

Silly Sally is confused. Is she a puppy? NO! Is she a kitten? NO! Is she a bunny? NO! Silly Sally looks all around the barnyard trying to figure out who she is. She loves her friend Caden and she follows him around until … SQUAWK! She finally discovers who she really is
Price: $9.95
Nana Murray Has a Farm Connie Murray
ISBN: 9780992007492

Caden loves to copy the animals on Nana Murray's Farm. When Cat drinks from her bowl, Caden laps milk from his cereal bowl. When Cow moos, Caden moos, too. Uh-oh. Caden watches Pig roll in the mud. Now what?
Price: $9.95
Harry's Trees - Carolyn R. Wilker
ISBN 9781988155098

HARRY’S TREES is a delight for young readers as they experience the importance of trees in each season. Harry has plans. He knows one day he will be old enough to look after the farm, and more importantly—his beloved trees. That not only excites him, but it makes him hungry to learn as much as he can.
“It’s so sweet.”
Harry samples the syrup after he helps his father stir the dark thick liquid. Learning about trees can be a delicious experience.
Seasons change but Harry doesn’t change his mind. Trees lose their leaves but Harry does not lose his love for them. The branches beckon and Harry climbs higher, determined to always, always take good care of his trees.
Price: $9.95
Les Arbres de Harry - Carolyn R. Wilker
ISBN 9781988155159

Les arbres de Harry est un délice pour les jeunes lecteurs, car ils font l’expérience de l’importance des arbres au fil des saisons. Harry a des projets. Il sait qu’un jour il sera assez vieux pour s’occuper de la ferme, et plus important encore, de ses arbres bien-aimés. Cette perspective le rend heureux et lui donne envie d’apprendre autant qu’il le peut.
C’est très sucré.
Harry goûte au sirop après avoir aidé son père à remuer le liquide épais et sombre. Apprendre à connaître les arbres peut être une expérience délicieuse.
Les saisons changent, mais Harry ne change pas d’idée. Les arbres perdent leurs feuilles, mais Harry ne perd pas son amour pour eux. Les branches l’appellent et Harry grimpe plus haut, déterminé à toujours, toujours prendre bien soin de ses arbres.
Price: $9.95
Piece by Piece A Narrative from Home
ISBN 9781988155173

From the author of Once Upon a Sandbox, comes a collection of remarkable short stories straight from the heart. Carolyn Wilker in Piece by Piece invites readers to sit a while. Her fascinating, down-to-earth stories are a narrative on life filled with family, friends and so much more. Carolyn weaves all of life’s twists and turns, sorrows and joys and stitches them together until they charmingly resemble pieces of a unique quilt—a harmonious whole.
Price: $20.00
Priceless Treasure In Ordinary Places - Sharon Cavers
ISBN 9781988155142

Sharon Cavers offers an oasis for the weary and courage to face the everyday in her latest book, Priceless Treasure in Ordinary Places.
Sometimes ordinary isn’t so ordinary, when it comes to God. It soon becomes clear that this volume of poetry and prose offers exactly what it promises—a treasure to delight the senses and a reminder that hidden beneath the ordinary lie precious gems. If we truly listen and connect with God’s Word, we will constantly be in awe of how the Lord weaves wonder and riches into the everyday. Sharon reminds us of this in each part of Priceless Treasure in Ordinary Places.
• A Glimpse of the Past
• An Anchor for the Present
• A Hope for the Future
Intriguing, mindful, encouraging, this timely and delightful book is sure to lift spirits and make hearts contemplate Jesus.
Price: $15.00
The Tender Heart of a Beast - Michael Bull Roberts
ISBN 9781988155067

From a young age, Michael Bull Roberts learned to do what he could to stay alive. The violence of childhood stripped him of his innocence and turned this giant of a man into a gang leader; a drug dealer; an enforcer – a beast.
From unspeakable horrors to amazing victories, Michael, in this second revised edition of THE TENDER HEART OF A BEAST, leaves few stones unturned.
Lying on the floor of a seedy motel room, battered and beaten; crushed in body and in spirit, Michael called out to God in a desperate attempt to find love.
God answered and his amazing transformation began.

Price: $15.00