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The Best Christmas Wish
Excitement prevailed at the second-grade class party. It was the last day of school before the Christmas holidays.

All the cakes, juice, and chips had been eaten. All the favourite carols had been sung. Even the principal in his traditional ‘Santa Claus’ role stopped by to give each child a delightful present.

Ms. Abby had her class sit in a circle on the floor. 
“Before I wish you off to enjoy the holidays with your families, I would like you to tell me your Christmas wish. I will start as an example. My Christmas wish is someday to see all my relatives who live all over the world. Now Belinda will continue.”

Belinda stood up proudly. “My Christmas wish is to have the prettiest clothes to wear.”

Charles stood up. “My Christmas wish is to have the latest ‘Astro-Fighter’ video game.”

Diane got up to her feet. “My Christmas wish is to have a stable of horses.”

The game continued. Some wishes were the ‘ultimate Christmas gifts’ to have. Others were rather funny, such as Ivan’s wish to be a ‘multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi-zillionaire’.

There was, at one point, a brief protest when it came to Naomi’s turn. “My Christmas wish is to have lots and lots of new clothes.”

Belinda angrily stood up. “Hey, you copied my wish!”

“Did not! You said ‘the prettiest clothes’!”

“So? That’s the same thing!”

Ms. Abby spoke up, “There’s nothing wrong with two or more people’s similar wishes. Now let’s go on with Oscar’s Christmas wish.”

Oscar got up to his feet. “My Christmas wish is that my family wins the biggest lottery.”

Ivan tried not to protest.

Finally it came to the last pupil, Zenith, who had joined the class recently. The quietest in the class, he rarely participated in answering Ms. Abby’s questions. Though he made a few friends he was usually alone during recess.

All eyes were upon at Zenith, who became speechless by his shyness. 

Ms. Abby gently encouraged, “It’s okay, Zenith. Share your Christmas wish with everyone, even if it may sound the same as someone else’s.”

Looking at his tattered shoes, Belinda guessed, “I’ll bet it is a new pair of shoes.”

Zenith shook his head.

Gregory guessed, “Or a brand new baseball, bat, mitt and cap.”

Again Zenith shook his head.

Petulia declared, “I know. A one-year pass to the Maxi Movies Theatres.”

Ms. Abby urged, “Let Zenith say his Christmas wish. Don’t hurry him.”

Zenith started with a bit of a stammer. “Well, my Christmas wish is the same wish I use every day.”

Naomi pointed out, “Then, it’s not a Christmas wish.”

“Even an everyday wish is a Christmas wish. Go on, Zenith.”Ms. Abby said.

“Well, my Christmas wish is . . . is . . . is . . .”

Everyone leaned forward in anticipation.

“. . .is to try to enjoy my life as best as I can.”

All the children looked at each other, puzzled.

Edgar asked, “That’s your wish?”

Martin spoke, “I thought it’s going to be something like a drum set or the latest ‘Poogie’ CD.”

Ms. Abby gently ordered, “Hold back your thoughts and let Zenith explain his wish to us.”

Zenith began, “I don’t know what each day will be like. My dad would work in one place for a few days and then search for another job that would also last for a few days. My mom has a job but we only see her on Saturdays because of it. My grandparents who live near a hospital, are caring for my baby sister who needs a kidney. In my neighborhood, there are always some people getting hurt or killed. Although we barely have enough to eat and wear, my parents and I learned to be satisfied with what we have. The main thing we learned to be satisfied with is our lives. So, that’s my Christmas wish: to enjoy my life as best as I can every day.”

There was silence as the other kids glared at Zenith in awe. That made him a bit nervous. He glanced at Ms. Abby who smiled at him.

Sebastien spoke up, “That was cool.”

Jenny added, “I agree.”

Wendell joined in. “More awesome than getting candy.”

Zenith blushed happily.

Ms. Abby nodded. “The greatest Christmas wish is to be thankful for your life, and enjoy it the best you can.”
Definitely the best Christmas wish is God’s blessing upon your life, and to be thankful, regardless of the circumstances you’re facing each day.

The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.
(Psalm 29:11 (NIV))
May you have a wonderful year of blessings and generosity to share 
with those whom you will encounter.

Merry Christmas!
           Cancer At Christmas
Alan Anderson 2019

A husband’s poem to his wife
Honest with my heart
This hurts
Cries and whimpers
Shaking a fist at heaven
My head supported by my hands
Face wet with tears
Frozen in time
Cancer diagnosis
Why God? – Cancer at Christmas?
Help me help her
My darling, you amaze me
Your words calm
You say you have peace
I enjoy peace with you
We hang decorations
Drink eggnog
Romance each other
Hold on
Never let go
In the moment
This illness will not win
Beneath the surface
We have peace
We are together
Give thanks
Make merry
In the rare silence
Of Christmas
God is not surprised
By this fiend, cancer

Joy is our companion
We weep
We are not alone
God with us
Unseen yet present



Twas the month before Christmas

 by Grace Wulf  2019 
‘Twas the month before Christmas
and all through the town    
Decorating was happening
And up and then down
the ladders they scurried
and often they hurried
To place decorations galore
And if they ran out,
it was back to the store.
Plastic snowmen
and Santas and reindeer and such
Add helicopters and more Santas
It seemed a bit much
And this just on our quiet little street
As if to compete
As it was happening all through the town
for the Christmas countdown.
And the plastic giants
they puddled in sloppy great messes
To return the next day to their cheery bright tresses
All lit up and glowy and some even sang
And then they collapsed the next day
with a bang...
I counted my pine cones
And gathered my wreath
A crafted elf hung from my mailbox
A cloth snowman beneath.
Warm Christmas quilts
All over the house
A warm welcome to all

...except for the mouse.

Was I humbug?
Or weary?
What made me cranky
Or even a bit teary?
My longings more felt at this time of year
To hang out with family
To spread some good cheer.
I’m aware of those hurting
And missing so deeply
the ones that we love
Oh Christmas brings out that longing
A sense of belonging
It isn’t all we dreamed of.
No Christmas is not always merry
It is sometimes scary
to face our own sadness in the
Midst of that gladness.
Joy to the world
Just what does that mean?
The glitter and glamour
The tinsel and plastic
I long for something that is not so fake
Something heartfelt and real
Has much more appeal
A simpler Christmas to make.
Perhaps it begins with a slower pace
After all, this isn’t a race
To enjoy the sweet moments that come my way
Conversations, connections that make up my day.
So I’ll hang up my wreath
And pour me some tea
And give thanks
For the gift of peace
and tranquility.
I’ll share gifts of gratitude and of peace
And thank God for the gifts that don’t cease
Of beauty and wonder, of warmth and of light
Blessed Christmas to all, may your season be bright
With light and with laughter
With songs filled with praise
May your hearts fill with gladness
In all of these days
As we prepare for Christmas
and remember the One
Whose love never fails us
The gift of the Son.
A blessed Christmas to all
In darkness and light
The gift of hope shines
For us all, day or night
May this love fill your heart
to last through the year
A gift that sustains us
And all we hold dear.