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My Two Cents on Little Copper Pennies by Susan Harris

Little Copper Pennies by Susan Harris is a celebration, commemoration and for me, oft-times a revelation, all wrapped up in one informative yet entertaining package.

Cleverly, Susan manages to take an unremarkable coin and make me care. A mere penny, when you think about it, is naught to get excited about but Susan's creative chapters in Little Copper Pennies beckons me to keep reading and to keep learning. 

Who knew that in 1911, pennies became known as the 'Godless coin' because during the reign of King George V, the phrase Dei Gratia (by the Grace of God) was removed from the penny? Eventually the words were added back due to a public outcry. 

Never heard of rubbing pennies in loose sand with the heel of your shoe to bring back the shine? How about that 1936 Dot Cent that was auctioned off in 2010 for $400,000?

Little Copper Pennies is full of such interesting anecdotes and each chapter ends with fascinating Penny Facts and entertaining and equally challenging Penny Fun. 

Since the Canadian penny is no longer produced and has been taken out of circulation, this book is a fitting tribute. I particularly appreciate the Eulogy toward the end of the book and I can't help feeling nostalgic and even a little bit sad as Susan reflects and summarizes what a precious treasure the little copper coin has been to Canadians over the years. 

Since the usefulness of the copper coin has been declared to be naught, and its demise has been obvious, it's good to have Susan Harris's book - Little Copper Pennies on hand to remind us and to help us remember and recollect our own private memories of the wee cent. 

Susan bids au revoir to the penny but her book will journey on for a very long time. Little Copper Pennies is a delightful read, a handy reference and a book that will definitely give readers an opportunity to contemplate their own relationship with the penny. 

3 Comments to My Two Cents on Little Copper Pennies by Susan Harris:

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Janet Sketchley on January-08-14 8:43 AM
Thanks for letting us peek into this intriguing book, Glynis. I need to get a copy for myself.
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Susan Harris on January-08-14 11:50 AM
Thanks for your lovely words, Glynis. I just want o make one correction - the Dot Cent was auctioned for over $400,000 (four hundred thousand) and not $40,000. It's one of those times when Zero is King. Kind regards. Susan
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Glynis on January-08-14 12:46 PM
Sorry, Susan. I have corrected that. You are right - this time that zero is king! Sort of like forgetting the comma and eating Grandma - Let's eat Grandma verses Let's eat, Grandma!

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