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The Writing Process

Who doesn't like a guided tour once in a while? Glad you made it here today. Welcome and feel free to pull up your office chair, kick back and enjoy the journey.
I've been asked to participate in a blog tour. It's my first so I am pretty excited about how all this works and what I will learn along the way. I am looking forward to meeting, sharing, encouraging and more! 

Marcia Lee Laycock, my good friend and fellow writer invited me to participate so I am doing my best to follow the rules (the rebel that I am) and discover another great way to see what other writers are doing. Click hereand hop on over to Marcia's blog once you've finished reading what my writing life consists of these days. 

Who are you?

Such a loaded question. Before I run to my resume to see what I might use as an appropriate answer, I will sum up my most blessed 'who am I' response by saying (with a satisfied smile) I am the wife of a carpenter, the mom of two pretty cool children and, sometimes, a not so typical grinning grandma whose drama queen aspirations are lived out the moment a grandchild enters my arms.  After those most important jobs, I am a freelance writer, children's author, short story/devotional/magazine 'squirrel' writer. I can flit from project to project like a speeding acorn but when faced with a deadline or other tough challenge I can [and love to] sit still for hours and pour out my heart on the page. 

What are you working on?

O brother. Where to begin. I am still finding some great marketing opportunities for my Mrs. B Has Cancer children's book. I write a regular marketing column for Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship (so you would think I would have the inside scoop on marketing). I blog. I write and submit short stories often, particularly to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and more recently I have had a story accepted for inclusion in A Taste of Hot Apple Cider - a sampler to savour before the next Hot Apple Cider volume hits the shelves. I'm also getting a piece ready to submit to that, along with entering writing contests, working on publicity write-ups and press releases for Inscribe Christian Writers' Fellowship Fall Conference, planning my picture book - A Very Ballerina Day - in collaboration with my photographer daughter, working through the chapters of my women's devotional - HELP! I Need a New Fig Leaf! and more! Oh yes, I am also very excited about leading two workshops in September at the Fall Conference in Edmonton, too, so I am doing some planning and writing for that. I LOVE sharing the wealth and helping new writers find their legs. I am sure if I looked in my 'to-do' pile I would find more that I am supposed to be writing. I'll do that next week.  

How does your work differ from others of it’s genre?

I guess if I had responded to that last question properly, then I would find this one easier to answer. I like to write what I know. 'They' say that is good advice, and it is. I find that my heart is more apparent when I do that kind of writing, although I do enjoy reading up and finding out about 'stuff''. I suppose I also like to write short stories, because they sooth my short attention span! That said, I really do enjoy working on novels for children, although the writing time is longer the satisfaction seems greater. Is that a weird thing to say? 
God has blessed me in another area lately, too. I am a little hesitant to advertise far and wide yet, because I am learning the ropes, but I have a little publishing company that I am just getting off the ground - Angel Hope Publishing. It is quite different from my usual writing but it is lots of fun - well most days. And I find myself learning so much more about the writing process as I plod along learning as I go. The most recent title that I published is "Raise Your Gaze" by Peter A Black. Here's a look at the cover.

Why do you write what you do?

I write because I believe God has created a passion for me to do so in the depths of my soul. When I write, I purr. I relax. I empty my heart. I have been tutoring children for over 15 years now, maybe longer, so I believe I have the inside scoop when I write for children. I seem to have a decent take on how a child thinks and thus, it is easy for me to relate and get that on a page than to write eloquent words filled with exquisite narrative. Might have something to do with my inability to grow up, too, now that I think about it. 

How does your writing process work?

My writing process works when I can find long stretches of time to do so. I plan scenes sometimes. I am a SOP (seat of the pants) other times. I story board on occasion. I love to write long, detailed character outlines - that probably relates back to my Psychology background. I always seem to know where I am going with my story - although I rarely know how I will get there. Sounds like a day in the life of a squirrel to me, wouldn't you say. All I know is that I love writing. 

Thanks, Marcia, for starting this and I am so happy to connect. I'm hoping to have another link here really soon, from a few other writer friends who might like to jump on board here for a while. Meanwhile have a look at Marcia's blog and be refreshed and motivated. 

Finally, if you would like to take a peek at some of the books I have in my store - most are mine. Some are Angel Hope Publishing Titles - feel free to hop on over here to my bookstore, too. 

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Marcia on February-28-17 12:43 AM
Thanks, Marcia, for starting this and I am so happy to connect. I'm hoping to have another link here really soon, from a few other writer friends who might like to jump on board here for a while. Meanwhile have a look at Marcia's blog and be refreshed and motivated.
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