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Grandma Antics


     It all started out quite innocently. I love swimming. Take me to a lake and drop me off and I will be a happy camper. So Happy Hubby did that today, except he didn't just toss me out. He came to keep an eye on me, plus he thought he would have a nice afternoon nap under the trees - just like last week. 

     HH doesn't swim. But he naps very well. He was nicely nestled in his gravity chair. But he didn't get much of a rest. 

     I had decided to take along my dinghy-raft - first mistake.

     Before I knew it the wind and my inexperience with ridiculous plastic oars, had me in the middle of the lake. I wasn't in the least bit afraid, though, and was just contemplating whether to head on over to the other side of the lake (in the general direction of where the wind was taking me anyway) or to hop off the raft into the lake and swim back to shore with it in tow.

     Then, without warning, I spot a speedboat heading in my direction. Both officers were very nice, although I think their smirks were holding back gales of laughter when they came upon this little more than middle aged woman having a dual with the ridiculous plastic oars.

     "Having a little trouble?" one asked. I denied the word trouble and mentioned I might be out a little too far. 

     They agreed in unison. We chatted and they advised I get into their boat and they would drive me back to shore and tow the raft behind them.

     Poppycock. I would have none of that. I opted to toss my life jacket in the raft, jump in the lake and swim, one-armed and tow the raft back. I preferred not to look like I needed the assistance of the aqua law officers.

     I gave them a big smile and a few words of gratitude. They said they would follow me in. Urgh. So they did.

     "You're going to get quite a workout," one said. They might have been concerned for my (ahem) maturity. I told them "I might be old but I'm strong.' They had those smirks again and told me to be careful.

     That was the longest swim ever. I made sure I swam towards the little peninsula on the side so I could get out sooner and catch my breath and get rid of the aqua-police before all eyes on the beach were upon this more than middle aged grandma.

     And all the while, there was happy hubby standing up watching me. Wondering what drama I was creating today. As I got closer dragging my dinghy behind I saw it - that shaking head, the raised eyebrows and another kind of smirk - the one I've been seeing for over  38 years.

     Sigh. . .