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Writing Joy

A Day in the Life of. . .

The 400 word homework assignment for our writer's group wasn't a difficult one, but for me, it was impossible. So this is what I wrote: 

            As I started to pen “A Day in the Life of. . . the nausea arose. I wanted to change the title to “How a Squirrel Brain Functions, but I knew my writer friends would chastise me for messing with the homework – I mean when I assigned homework, I would show little mercy. So how could I expect to do such a thing? But there is NO way in the world that I could ever keep ‘A Day in the Life of Glynis Belec” to under 400 words.

            Janet, the assigner of the aforementioned homework, is a sweet, merciful poet who can surely be persuaded to allow me to alter one small word. I will write under the assumption that A MOMENT in the Life of Glynis Belec will suffice for this assignment.

So I have two choices when I roll out of bed in the morning. I can wallow in self-pity because of the size of my to-do list or the million things that didn’t go according to my plans yesterday and because of that they will surely be worse, today. Or I can kick off the covers and say, “Okay, God, what are we up to today?”

It helps that the dearly beloved man who I promised to love, honour and (covers mouth) obey, 37 years ago, brings a cup of tea to my bedside each morning. He’s done that for so long that on those days when he has to scoot off to work early, I find myself getting annoyed that I have to get my own morning tea. Ungrateful wretch that I am.

This morning, I got my tea along with a kiss and our routine, mutual “good morning”. 
The day began and I reached for my phone and my bible – in that order and I am convicted every time I do that. I chastise myself and the inward prefect takes over.  I promise I will try to do it in reverse order tomorrow. I know the right thing to do is get my bible first, then the social media link up. But then my brain begins to rationalize that it takes a few minutes for my phone to boot up so if I turn on my telephone first then it will be ready for me to quick check things after I have read my morning devotional. Then the battle begins.

Prefect comments on the briefness of my devotion. “Seriously? She says. You only read the Bible for as long as it takes your phone to boot up?

I try to rationalize again about it’s not my fault that Our Daily Bread has such short devotions and assigns short Bible verses for me to read. And I’m a fast reader.

I assure the Nosy Parker in my head that I will read other scriptures throughout the day and I will pray for lots of people and for lots of reasons.

Not good enough. She clucks away and tries to make me feel guilty for not contemplating more on the Word of God. I try to ignore her and then I apologize to God in case she is right. My tea is perfect and I think. I look at my big, black, beckoning agenda and consider my two choices. There’s a lot to whine about in that wretched book. . .should I? Nope. This day is another one for the good guys. Way to go, God!

“What are we up to today?”