Glynis M. Belec   - Insanabile Cacoethes Scribendi (An incurable Passion to Write!)

Pleased to meet you!

 "When you write from the heart, you touch hearts." 

An editor once gave me that great piece of advice. I've always remembered those sage words and have attempted to do that as I shuffle words and pour my soul onto the page. 

     I love writing short stories and devotions. One of my biggest joys is making people smile when they read my work. I especially love to make children grin and am constantly inspired by my students. 

     Welcome to my site and I sure do hope you enjoy the visit. Here you will find information on my little publishing company, a few examples of my work, some of my favourite places, contact information, books I have written and also a place where you can purchase an Angel Hope Publishing book for your reading pleasure. Check out my photos. You will get a taste of what I have been up to this year, too. Drop me a note if you like. I would love to hear from you.

     If you are interested in hiring me as a speaker or as a facilitator or workshop leader please contact me at and we can discuss details. I do presentations as an official speaker for Ovarian Cancer [] Canada Knowledge is Power too, so if you want some more information on that, get in touch. 
     I love to speak to children in a classroom or library setting. We can discuss the writing process or what it means to be a writer. 
     My recent book, Galloping Gus, is a delightful picture book about a mischievous bus who just cannot resist playing in puddles - much to the chagrin of his driver, Simon McGiver. I love sharing with children how this book came to be.  
     Mrs. B Has Cancer, is a juvenile novel about a boy who learns a lot about cancer after he discovers someone close to him is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I love to help children try to decipher all the 'cancer talk' that they may be dealing with so I have a great workshop as a companion to this book. 
     I have another workshop called Writing Rocks and I am thrilled to get together with elementary students in a classroom setting and help them discover the writer within!