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Kids' Corner by You! 

Hey Kids! Want a safe place to get published? Look no further. I would love to look at your children's story and publish it HERE for YOU!

Drop me a note and attach your story. I might edit it a little for spoofy spelling mistakes or maybe glaring grammar goof-ups. But don't worry. I won't change your story one iota! It's your creation. I want to help tell the world what an amazing writer you are! 

May 9th, 2016

The Amazing Alphabet

The alphabet has always fascinated me. Seriously? 26 letters. It really is amazing when you stop to think about it. Twenty six little letters make up so many,many words; so many sentences; so many paragraphs; so many chapters; so many, many books. Sweet joy!

And speaking of the Amazing Alphabet, here is a great poem written by an amazing young man - RYAN TEAGUE. 

Check out his Writer's Alphabet! 

Writer’s Alphabet

© 2016 Ryan Teague (Grade 6)

A is for author,

B is for Book,

C is for co-author,

D is for Document,

E is for Editor,

F is for Fiction,

G is for Ghostwriter,

H is for Harry Potter,

I is for Idiom or Indent,

J is for Justification,

K is for Kindle,

L is for Literacy,

M is for manuscript,

N is for Novel,

O is for Oxymoron

P is for Pages,

Q is for Quotes

R is for Rhymes,

S is for Setting,

T is for Title,

U is for Underline,

V is for verification,

W is for writer

X is for xylography

Y is for you

Z is for zone

Well done! I wonder if Ryan knows what all of these words mean?

Do you?

(I had to look up xylography. Yikes!) 


April 1st, 2016

So much fun at Writing Rocks workshop last night - Palmerston Public School has amazing writers and great young people.

I sure did enjoy listening to the stories and sharing the joy!

So, as promised, when any of the students in attendance send me their stories, I am going to publish them right here for all the world to see!

Well done, kiddos. Here is the first PUBLISHED piece submitted by Niah Bernier. Super job, Niah. You made me chuckle (and now I have a terrible urge for a root beer float!) 

The Great Root Beer Dilemma © 2016

​by Niah Bernier. 

I thought it would be like any other day. But it wasn't.

I went to milk my cow, Rudy, like I always do. 

BUT! Instead of milk, root beer came out!

I CAN'T have root beer with my peanut butter sandwich!

We searched the barn and found Rudy's friend Milkington. I asked him if we could have some of his milk and he told us he was full of ice cream, not milk. I said "I would love some of your fabulous ice cream!"

Instead of having milk with my peanut butter sandwich, I decided to have a root beer float for breakfast! Mmmmmm.  

Thank you Rudy and Milkington!


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