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Topics & Fees:

Elementary School Visits*

Reading (any of my books) with discussion up to an hour: $200


a) Picture Book Polka (all elementary grades)

  • how ideas for stories happen

  • what it's like to do the author/illustrator dance

  • demonstration on how a story is developed and put together on the page

  • discussion about what children like in a book

  • what do authors have to think of when writing a children's book

b) How to be a Writer and Other Scary Stories (all elementary grades)

  • why do writers write?

  • what do writers write?

  • what's hard about writing?

  • how do I know what age group to write for?

  • is it easy writing children's books?

  • where do I start as a writer? (can be interactive depending on size of class/group)

c) Writing Rocks (all elementary grades)

  • discussion about writing and why it is SO MUCH fun!

  • discussion about writing and why it can be SO MUCH work

  • BIG word discussion and the amazing alphabet

  • Why we should read EVERYTHING

  • different kinds of books and how writers write them.

d) Writing about the Hard Stuff (grades 4-8)

  • tackling the issues

  • writing about cancer

  • creating characters with challenges

  • who's the boss in a book?

e) What do I Need to Do to Become a Real Writer?

  • discussion about the writing life

  • how did I begin and how can you begin

  • realities of being a writer

Other - still thinking

1 - 2 hours = $250/hr

Women's & Other Church Groups*

Hope Floats:

Sometimes we just need to put on that life-jacket and keep our head above the water. Finding hope when you feel like you are drowning is not easy some days (weeks, months, years) but there is hope and knowing that Jesus is at the helm is the greatest comfort ever. 

Help! I Need a New Fig Leaf

Some days I wish I could start over. Mom used to say, "If I knew then what I know now. . ." But then God whispers, "I've got you right where I want you, my child."

Using My Words - Seriously, God?

I like words. I like signs. Everything from Drama Queen to ASAP (always say a prayer) adorns my home. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. What's your sign and how can we truly listen to the writing on the wall?

Cancer. No Laughing Matter - But it Helps

I hate (don't tell my grandchildren I used a bad word) cancer! Journeying through the valley of cancer is not an easy task. But I realized early on that I had two choices so I picked door number two. I will never stop hating cancer but I decided I would not let it get the best of me as far as I could help it . Door number two allowed me to laugh out loud because. . . my bone scan showed I had two heads (they thought they found my problem but it turned out I moved; sigh). . .I suddenly found out that being bald was a blessing - I realized that when I watched my other '52 year old friends' wet with perspiration because of menopause and I was 'feeling the breeze'.

Why I Write and Other Bizarre Tales

Writing is a compulsion; an obsession; something I just cannot 'not' do! Journey with me and find out why I wrote what I wrote and why I want to write what I am writing! (Huh? What did I just say?)

Love Languages and Other Desperate Attempts to Get Along

Seriously, anybody who thinks you just say "I do, I did, I'm done" is wrong, wrong, wrong! Marriage is like our walk with the Lord - we never arrive per se - it's something with the potential for being 'out of this world' but it doesn't come easy.

They Will Know We are Christians by Our Perfect Lives (Not)

So you gave your life over to Christ and you still have problems? What's with that? Doesn't it mean when you behave yourself because of your commitment to Christ nothing bad ever happens? What is the protocol for (um) perfection, anyway?

Joy (to the World. He's Here!)

Time to laugh and sing and play and rejoice and dance and praise the Lord. Jesus seriously came to this earth solely for us - I mean why else would he leave Paradise? Isn't that an amazing reason to celebrate? It doesn't mean life is going to be perfect. It means we have to have an attitude of gratitude no matter what! We all have stories; painful, heartbreaking stories. But we also all serve the same King of Kings who sees our heart and knows the words on our lips before we utter them. That's joy!

Life - One Quarter Lemons & Three Quarters Lemonade!

We have two choices in life - suck on the lemons that are tossed our way then walk away with a permanent 'sourpuss' look, complaining about how hard life is - OR - we can check our attitude at the door and pull out the lemon squeezer and a bit of sugar. Attitude is a matter of choice.

The Truth About Ruth & Other Key Points about Being a Godly Woman

A realistic look at the pressure of becoming/being/remaining a Proverbs 31 woman

"She brings him good, not harm,

                  all the days of her life." Proverbs 31:12

[Ya’ll do know this means you’ve never tried to prove your man wrong or talked to your mother or girlfriends about his annoying habits, don't you?]

Rising Above the Challenges - a conversation with Mark D. Mullen, my illustrator and a young, inspiring chap with Asperger Syndrome. We speak, interview style, about how rising above challenges is a good way to make this world a little bit better. We also focus on how we collaborate as author and illustrator.


Writing Workshops:

Fees negotiable

Inspirational Presentations for Writers of all levels.

Fees Negotiable

Travel & Accommodation expenses not included*

minimum fee**

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