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Children's Speaker

My name is

Glynis M. Belec

and I love writing.

Writing BOOKS FOR CHILDREN gives me the most joy but I also like writing funny stories or inspirational stories for adults (I like it when people are joyful and happy).

When I speak, I sure do love it when people laugh or are inspired or encouraged by my words. I would love to come to speak to your group or your school when it suits you. You can check out my schedule and some of the topics and workshops I present. If there is a specific theme you would like me to speak on but you don't see it on my list, despair not - I will be happy to work a presentation around your special day. Flexibility is my specialty.

Other things I write include newspaper stories, magazine articles and devotions. And then there's those short stories that are fun to write, too, in Hot Apple Cider Books or Chicken Soup for the Soul and some other anthologies.

I have another website that is for my more 'serious stuff' but this site is for you. (Click HERE if you want to see it.)

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